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This information is supplied for a basic understanding of what is offered.  Please contact HR for Specifics and applicability.  Each Title is linked to website or PDF for more information


All full time commissioned Officers are covered under LEOFF 2 for their retirement.  Basically, an employee would get 2% per year as a WA law enforcement officer and be eligible for retirement at 53- with at least 5 years of service.  See LEOFF website for more info.  LEOFF 2 Quick Facts

Deferred Comp Retirement*

The City matches up to 2% of Deferred Comp (Plan 457)

City Retirement

Police Employees do not contribute into Social Security, instead, the agency participates in the Municipal Employees' Benefit Trust (MEBT).  Basically, the money that the employer and the employee would have put into social security is instead deposited into MEBT.  This account is accessible (can be borrowed from) to the employee after five years, and can be withdrawn upon separation from service.  Not all agencies match this money, Federal Way does.

* Items included in this section are covered under contract and can change.   Every effort is made to keep this information updated, but applicant should contact the Recruiting Unit for the most updated information.