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Police Officer Job Description

BASIC FUNCTION:  Under the direction of an assigned supervisor, and performing individually or as a member of a team, participate in the following activities: enforce state statutes and local ordinances, regulations and laws; apprehend suspects; respond to and investigate disturbances, service and accident calls; patrol and conduct surveillance; receive training and maintain skills proficiency; operate a vehicle during routine and emergency situations; communicate with the public in normal and adverse situations; complete verbal and written reports and documentation; work independently following written or verbal instructions that are general in nature; and perform a variety of specialized duties as assigned.  Successful candidates will have a strong service orientation and demonstrated record of responsiveness to community priorities and concerns.

KNOWLEDGE OF:  Police department organization, policies and directives.  Principles, practices and procedures used in police work.  Understanding of community policing concepts. State, county, and city laws and ordinances.  Recent legislation and court decisions affecting police duties.  City services and human services agencies.  Geography, street addressing and characteristics of the City and specific areas of assignment.  Traffic and crowd control techniques.  Rules of evidence and laws of arrest.  Operation of a variety of specialized police vehicles and equipment.  Crime prevention procedures.  Oral and written communication skills.  Correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.  Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.  Basic First Aid procedures. Firearm law and usage.  Keyboarding, word processing, computer skills.

ABILITY TO:  Exercise discretion when responding to emergencies.  Protect the lives, property and constitutional rights of the general public.  Prepare clear and concise reports.  Present evidence and testimony in court.  Maintain current knowledge of the law and modern law enforcement techniques.  Respond to crime and emergency scenes and take immediate and appropriate action.  Apply emergency first aid methods skillfully.  Maintain proficiency in driving and the use of firearms in accordance with departmental guidelines.  Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.  React quickly and calmly in emergency conditions.  Maintain self-control under emotionally demanding circumstances.  Work long hours and withstand the physical strain of police work.  Participate in specialized programs and assignments to support police-related activities and community relations.  Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.  Read, interpret, apply and explain laws, codes, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.  Understand and work within scope of authority.  Carry out supervisor’s instruction and department procedures.  Relate effectively to people of a variety of cultures, languages, disabilities and socio-economic situations.  Deal courteously with the general public and convey a positive, professional image of the department and the City.  Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationship with others.  Operate a vehicle during normal and adverse conditions.  Observe legal and defensive driving practices.  Comply with safety standards and regulations.  Demonstrated ability to positively and effectively interact with diverse individuals to accomplish a common goal.  Physical ability to perform the essential work activities (listing of essential work activities available upon request).